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6 Tips When Registering a Domain Name – Botswana

The Right Extension (.com or .bw)

When it comes to choosing an extension for a domain it comes down to two things namely the type of business and whether the business is local or international. If your business is local stick to .bw domains and if it is an international business then go for a .com or other available international extensions. A local extension (e.g .co.bw) will market you better to local customers and a .com will sell you better internationally.

Short and Easy to Remember

Keeping the domain name short will make it easier for your customers to remember easily. Long domain names may be difficult for customers to remember and they are prone to typos and errors which can result in lost traffic and business leads.

Use Of Hyphens

Make use of hyphens to make it easier for customers to read your domain only if it is necessary. An example that uses hyphens can be “wordpress-setup.co.bw”. This can help avoid typos and make it easy to remember a domain. As much as this can avoid typos it can also lead to them if it is used unnecessarily as customers sometimes tend to forget to add them.

Numbers in Domains

Generally just like with hyphens we need to avoid numbers if they are not needed. A domain needs to be easy to type and numbers can make it difficult to write.

Using Keywords

Using keywords it domain names can help with SEO and also make it easy for customers to understand what the business is all about. An example of such a use can be in the accommodation sector. An certain hotel can have a domain name “examplehotel.co.bw”.

Trademarks, Copyright and Domain Policies

Do a bit of research to make sure that your domain name does not infringe any copyright. Registering a trademarked name may be bring about legal action and you may end having to give up the name. Another thing most registrants tend to take for granted is the domain registrar agreement and policies but these can also result in loss of a domain if one does not abide by them. For Botswana .BW domain policies visit www.nic.net.bw.

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