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Reasons WHY you should Register .BW Domain

Find out why you need to register a domain, the benefits of buying a name for your brand and website. Get 6 reasons why you should register .bw

Better Ranking on Search engines

A .BW domain name will tend to rank higher in the search engines than other domains for searches originating from Botswana. For example, if someone from Botswana performs a search on a search engine like Google, a domain in most instances will rank higher than other domains like .com even with the same level of content & quality.


Whether your business is based in Botswana or does business with Botswana residents then what better way to show that you are serious about your Botswana customers. Botswana residents are likely to relate to a .BW domain branded website as they would believe it serves content that is relevant , trustworthy and local.


You are sure to get support for your .BW domain issues from not just your registrar (.eg Webmart) but also from the registry being Bocra.

Buyer Confidence

Most prospect customers who shop online will have more trust in making purchases to a store that is close to them geographically compared to that which is miles away. The .bw domain extension identifies your company to consumers as one that is based somewhere in Botswana. People feel more comfortable doing business with a local company, especially online, where many still hesitate to spend their hard-earned income.


Carrying a BW domain name shows that you as an individual, business or organization associates with Botswana. The .BW is Botswana’s country-code top level domain (ccTLD).

Other Names are Taken

There are thousands of names available in the .BW namespace. Check here to find out availability of your name. It’s however difficult to find the same names for a generic top level domain (e.g .com) since most of them are taken ( is taken for example). You don’t have to add numbers to the name of your brand to customize it, like in “”

Find tips on how to choose the best bw domain name for your business here.

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